We use part of our profits to plant trees and flowers in the efforts to preserve nature and wildlife.




Our products are made out of only recycled materials and are shipped in recycled packaging.


We try to be as creative as we can when we find materials that could be transformed into beautiful designs. 


(adj.) someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of art or nature.

Where it all begins: nature. I am extremely inspired by nature - so inspired, that Mother Earth has become the most common theme in my art and designs. 


My message to you is that you can make amazingly beautiful art out of the materials you already have. Also, support ecological businesses whenever you can.


- Sarianne Solio



Sarianne is a 26-year-old design entrepreneur from Finland. She is passionate about sustainable fashion and creating ecological products.


Sarianne has a BBA in Fashion and Retail and she has worked for several companies in the fashion industry such as PR offices, designer apps, and social media agencies. She is also an experienced photographer and creative consultant. 


Sarianne is the co-founder, CEO, and Managing Director of a fashion media company FEDITED Oy and LLC, located in the United States. She is also the co-owner and Marketing Director of Mana Studios Oy. Alongside these companies, she employs herself as the designer, consultant, and photographer in the Sarianne Solio ecological design company.


See Sarianne's previous and upcoming projects in the "Work" section.






Sustainable and Ecological Design from Finland

All the designs are made using recycled materials. We also use natural elements such as wood, concrete, and linen. Designs are handmade in Finland and therefore every piece is unique. Usually, we only have a couple or just one piece of every design.


You can order custom made designs or pick your favorite from the collection.  

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